TP-Link USA Beta Test Guide

Thank you for signing up to be a TP-Link beta tester!

The TP-Link beta project is one of the methods TP-Link uses to test the quality and user experience of our products before we bring a product launch to market.
Our beta tests will assess the new networking & smart home products from TP-Link, Kasa and Tapo. 



  • You may keep the sample product for free after the testing period ends. However, you may need to return the product if it requires debugging or if any issues that could impact the user experience after the test period.  
  • You will get to preview new products before their release and contribute to their release.
  • You will interact with other beta testers during the beta projects. 
  • You can earn points to become one of our core testers, increaseing the chances that you get selected for future projects, and free gifts from TP-Link.

Before Joining the Beta Projects

1. Sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement

Please download the Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Sign it and upload the completed file to this survey:

After a successful upload, it can take up to a week for us to review. Once approved, the NDA will be displayed in your Profile.
If your NDA is not correctly displayed in the Profile after two weeks, please upload it again, and make sure:

  • The NDA has been signed
  • The terms of the NDA are complete
  • The email address you filled in the survey is the same as the one you registered with this portal (case doesn't matter)

If selected for future Beta projects, we will no longer require you to submit this NDA again.
By the way, Google Forms will be used for all testing related surveys, so you'll need a Google account.

2. Join the TP-Link Community

Register an account on our official TP-Link Community with your TP-Link ID.
Our testers have exclusive access to modules built on the TP-Link community for beta tests.  When you participate in a Beta project, we will invite you to enter the corresponding module.

3. Update Your Profile

Click "My profile" in the upper right corner of this page, and then click "Edit Profile" in the menu on the left. 

Please complete your information as thoroughly as possible. Please pay special attention to the following sections:

  • E-mail - Your e-mail address will be your unique identification. It cannot be changed once registered. 
    When you fill out any survey for the beta tests, please always fill in this E-mail Address so we can count and add points for you.
  • Forum ID - Please fill in your Forum ID so that we can count your posts and calculate your points after each beta test.
    Log in to the TP-Link Community: Click on your username in the upper right corner to enter the user information page, the number at the end of the URL is your forum ID. 

    After filling in this information and saving, you can click on the Forum ID in "My Profile" to make sure it is you.
  • Shipping Address - Please confirm that your address is correct and up to date. If you are selected for a beta project, the product sample will be shipped using the information you have provided here. It is recommended that you check the shipping address each time you join a new project.

Please ensure the information in your profile is complete and kept up to date. This will help you get selected for future beta projects. Be aware your information is NOT visible to others.

Participate in the Beta Projects

We will be recruiting for future beta projects on this site.
Click on "Events" on the left menu. Then, find the Beta Test Project you are interested in, and select "Participate". After that, its status will change to "Applied".

If there is no "Invited" button on an event, it indicates that the registration time has expired or project has no more room for participants.

Please note that the number of applicants will often be more than the actual number of participants. We will make a selection based on the following principles:

  • Your Points - Tester enthusiasm is the most important guarantee of tester selection. For now, we will measure your participation and enthusiasm for the beta testing by your accrued Points, methods of accruing points are discussed below.
  • Information in your profile - Testing of a product should always cover as many user scenarios as possible, such as different geographies, ISPs, housing types, and devices. Professionals and Consumers alike are needed to provide different perspectives and points of view. 
  • Special needs of the project - For example, if you've tested a TP-Link OneMesh Router, you're more likely to get seleted for a OneMesh Extender project.

When selected, we will notify you by email and send you a forum invitation.

Rules for Earning Points

During Beta testing, you will gain or lose Points for the following actions.

Item Points Instructions
Survey Submit +10 Submit a survey
Miss -10 Miss a survey
Forum Post +1 Make a post in the Beta forum
Reply 0 Reply to a post in the Beta forum
Post Helpful +2 Your Post receive one "Helpful"
Reply Helpful +1 Your Reply receive one "Helpful"
Debug Each time +10 Cooperate with us to debug and solve problems

* We may add or subtract your points in other situations, will notify you by email.

Benefits of Points:

  • Some Beta projects may require you to pay points to participate, we will mark its Cost in the event entry.
  • For each project, we will give preference to those with higher points.
  • Testers with high points have greater chance to get free gifts from TP-Link.
  • When your Points reaches 500, we will evaluate your performance and may invite you as a Core Tester.
    • Points earned by Core Testers on projects are doubled.
    • Some projects will be available to Core Testers only.
    • Core Testers will receive a TP-Link exclusive souvenir.

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoy our new products and beta testing!

TP-Link USA Beta Team